Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and How I’m Getting There

I’ve been through some very dramatic life altering changes over the last six years; from learning that I’m a sexual submissive, leaving an emotionally & verbally abusive marriage (on both our parts), and learning that I’m strong enough to get through any obstacle. I agree; that whole quadriplegic/chemotherapy incident at 17 should’ve taught me that lesson. But, that’s a story for another time, my friends.
In 2011, I began a memoir for a class. It started out as a writing prompt and became a journey to heal from my childhood. My original work was from a place of anger, pain, and hatred. I’ll be honest and admit that there are still times when those are my feelings with regard to the situations. However, I realized if I’m ever going to achieve the thing that I want the most then I have to look at the past through other perspectives than my own.

As an adult survivor of childhood abuse, I have wanted nothing more than the unconditional of my parents since I was 16. During that time I was placed in foster care; eventually ending up in a group home, then returning to my parents when my quadriplegia occurred. All this time, I’ve felt like my mother never loved me; she chose my abusive father over me. Over the years, I’ve tried to talk to her about the things that occurred in the past.Her go-to answer, “You’re an adult; just get over it. You can’t go around blaming all of your problems on me.”

What my mother never understood is that I always blamed myself for the things that occurred when I was growing up. I knew that it was wrong for my father to beat me and that that wasn’t my fault. What I couldn’t understand was why my mother never loved me and my father stopped loving me. I’m beginning to understand that my experiences aren’t the entire picture of my childhood; my sister’s experiences aren’t the same as my own. We all had a role to play; sometimes by choice, but other times the roles were thrust upon us.

Since September 26, 2015, I’ve been getting to know my mother as a person, a woman, an entity outside of our relationship. In some ways, I’m re-learning how to love her. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved my mother. I loved her in the way a child learns to love a parent. To this day, my mother has no idea how much I’ve craved her affection. As children, we forget that our parents aren’t perfect. Well, I wanted her to live up to the ideals that I had of how a mother should behave.

I always knew my mom had the potential to be a good mother. She and my sister have always had a really close bond. When things started to go horribly wrong with my father and my relationship; I attempted to reach out to my mother. I wanted to create a connection. Unfortunately, no matter what I did she excluded me from it. I saw this as confirmation of my belief that she hated me. Recently, I learned that my mother didn’t think I really loved her.I learned that part of the reason my mother stayed married to my father is because of the interaction I had with that woman at church.When I was around 4 or 5, a woman came up to me at church and said that I looked like my mother. I responded that indeed I did NOT, and I was my “daddy’s girl”.

I have an eidetic memory~which is pretty much a fancy way of saying; when I go to recall a memory I literally see a picture of it in my mind. Normally, it’s a really great thing to have. I’m sure it’s what’s made learning all the languages I’ve studied easier. I also have Hyperthesmia~ which is the ability to recall almost every day of my life in near perfect detail, as well as public events that hold some personal significance to me. If the events are positive then no harm, no foul. If the memory involves being chased down and being beaten with a wooden Louisville Slugger bat; it sucks to be able to remember every detail of the event. It’s part of the reason it’s taken so long for me to heal.

I’ve always used this blog as a way to communicate openly and honestly about my life. I’ve always known that I’m not the only person who is facing this distasteful and arduous battle. I’m well versed in the tools of survival. I know there are teens out there in abusive situations, and adult survivors that are still on their own journey to find reconciliation, and love for themselves and their families. If I can be a voice for those who are still too afraid to speak, or a light for a soul that has lost their way, then I will have done something remarkable.
Over the next year,  plan to use this blog as a sounding board, a way to clear my head, re-write previous memoir materials, and of course, a place of support for others previously and currently trying to overcome abusive situations.

Drop me a line if you have any questions….IMG_0143


First Time


I’m feeling a little nervous today, but I’m also excited. I’m going to a party tonight, and I’ve been told I can cross off some of my bucket list items, lol. I really enjoy spending time with the couple that I’ll be staying with for the next few days.
I brought my walker with me this time; even though I know they couldn’t care less whether I am using it or not, I am still really self-conscious about it. I’d love to be able to say that I’ve gotten past the negative comments my ex made about my having Multiple Sclerosis, or basically isolating me in the house over the last few years. Unfortunately, I haven’t…I feel a little sting when someone stares at me while I’m using my walker.
I just realized that I won’t be able to take it, since another couple will be riding with us to the party. Honestly, I don’t use it if I’m just walking around my house. Plus, I’m sure that J. will help me get around if I need it.
J & K, are always very caring & will help with different positions to make sure I’m comfortable. One thing about having balance issues, is that it can be somewhat limiting when it comes to positions that I feel comfortable trying. For example, I don’t really like to be on top because it makes me nervous I might fall somehow, or even worse get a muscle spasm in my legs. Aside from being painful, it would be somewhat embarrassing to have an orgasm & then end up curled into a ball. The weather has been changing the last few days, it’s unseasonably cold. As a result my legs feel like they’re on fire (well at least the portion by my ass, anyway). If they continue to burn, that means I will most likely need to apply some Real Time Pain cream.
I don’t usually use topical meds, but ever since my friend sent me a sample packet, I’ve been using it when the pain becomes unbearable. Thankfully, it smells good. Can you imagine how akward it would be to go to a party smelling like Bengay? I’m pretty sure that would decrease my chances of having fun, and who goes to a party if they can’t have any fun?


A Year in Retrospect

A Year in Retrospect


I have learned many things over the past year, some of them are good and some of them not so good.I’ve learned that I’m a hell of a lot stronger than my ex, mother & even myself at times, gave me credit for being. I’ve learned that even though I felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces, it was possible to feel love again. Surprisingly, this heartbreak wasn’t over my marriage….My best friend and brother will have commited suicide a year ago, on the 22nd of this month.

His death is what left me broken, wondering if I could make it. I literally kept thinking to myself that I didn’t know how I was going to go on without him. When someone kills themself it makes you wonder what you missed, what you could’ve done differently, for things to have gone another way. It makes you question EVERYTHING!I’m not really sure how many days I went without sleep in the beginning, but I know I tried to read every Facebook message we’d written to one another. I don’t know why, but I felt like I’d find the answers in our conversations.I didn’t.

His death made me feel completely, and utterly vulnerable. It wasn’t that I didn’t already feel this way, I did but, I had gained more confidence in recent years. I’m not sure that there is anyone alive who doesn’t feel vulnerable at some point in their lives. I think it’s different when you grow up in an abusive household though; when a parent(s) is abusive towards you, it makes you question your worth and value. After all, if your own parents couldn’t love you, then how can anyone else? My friend had been the person to show me that there were people who still cared about & found value in my existence. We met when I was 16 & living in a shelter for teenagers,he was on leave and doing a little recruiting for the Navy, at his alma mater.

When he died, I was scared to feel again. I wasn’t just scared to feel love, I was scared to feel anything good. Eventually, I got to the point where I started to allow myself to feel good things. I was even able to stop taking any of the anxiety medicine that my doctor had given me, after his death. I didn’t know it at the time but, I was still scared to feel love. I entered into relationships where I couldn’t truly, expect to receive uconditional love. My partners were never able to offer a situation where I could be significant member in their lives. I guess looking back at, that’s how I wanted it to be. If they couldn’t offer me their love unconditionally, then I wouldn’t miss it when they didn’t give it to me.

I am in a poly relationship with an amazing man, my sissy (and his lifemate ) & his submissive. I love my sissy with all of my heart, in fact she became my sissy, before I was in an amorous relationship with any of them. I’ve not talked to my Papa’s submissive yet, but that is in the works. Honestly, I’m a little terrified….I know, I’m supposed to be happy that there are that many people who love him & I can honestly say that I am. I love my sissy, and when I’ve had problems she calls & helps me pull my head out of my ass…lol. I’m sure Papa’s submissive is an amazing woman, too. How can she not be, if she’s my sissy’s best friend?

Unfortunately, even though I logically know and understand all of these things, I am still scared. I know that I’m feeling this way, which is a major step for me; in the past, I’ve tried to push people away when I began to care for them too much. It was easier for them to leave if I pusshed them away, because then they weren’t abandoning or rejecting me. I talked to my Papa last night, and I told Him that I was scared. He told me that He & sissy love me, and I shouldn’t doubt the love T/they have for me. I guess it’s not exactly a matter of doubting their love, I know that my Papa & sissy, love me. In a way, I feel like that 11 year old girl, who just got beaten for the first time; I’m scared that something will change & I just won’t matter anymore. What happens when I’m not good enough, when I just don’t make the cut?

I’m scared because I’ve let myself love them, and start to depend on their love & friendship in my life. What happens if it goes away? Will I still be strong enough to make it, if they decide they no longer want me? Damn it, it would be nice to have my friend around to talk to and hug, hear his awful jokes, and see his awful memes. I guess I’m not really sure how to protect my heart, and allow love in at the same time. I also have another part of me, a very selfish side of me, that wants to find someone else to be with outside of T/them. I know it’s purely selfish, because I want someone who will be there to give me their time & their love. How can we all get equal time with Papa? It’s not that I’m not allowed to be in a relationship outside of the one I have with them; hell, they encourage me to go out & have fun, which as crazy as it sounds makes me feel even more insecure. If T/they love me, why do they want me to go be with other people??? I should have prefaced this piece by saying that I’m a poly virgin, lol….as in, this is my first truly poly relationship. I am learning something new, and feeling something different everyday.

I hope that this time next year, I am stronger. I hope that I’ve either gone back to school or I’m in the process of writing a book…creating a linguistic painting, so to speak. I hope that my MS is still not flaring up, and I’m only dealing with the leftover effects from past exacerbations & fibro. Most importantly, I hope like hell that I’m happy! I hope that I don’t push the people that I love away because I get too scared of caring about them. I also wouldn’t mind having a really awesome girlfriend, and scratching off some of my sexual bucket list items 😉


Disabled Not Dead…Did I Mention I’m Kinky

Disabled Not Dead…Did I Mention I’m Kinky


Ugh….part of Multiple Sclerosis that is par for the course, is to sometimes have an electrical pulsing like sensation. When your clitoris is the body part that’s buzzing & pulsing it’s torture, it can cause my body to feel like it’s on the edge of an orgasm until it decides it’s had enough.
Do Y/you have any unwanted symptoms, or questions about adaptations, but have been afraid to ask? Look no further, I understand what you’re going through…

Hi A/all,
My name is Kami (I have Multiple Sclerosis) and I run a blog that deals with Disability, Sexuality & Kink. I am trying to provide a space to access information on resources, adaptations that can be made (to toys, with positions, and even to maintain Y/your role in a D/s relationships), and reviews of Erotica & toys. I also want to provide a question & answer section, so that those with & without disabilities will be able to navigate the adaptations that are required to make this type of relationship work.

*PLEASE, share any questions about Disability, Sexuality & Kink that Y/you might have, this goes for questions about both the physical & emotional sides of these things. Please email me your questions. When writing & answering Y/your questions, I will use a made up name & location.   My email is: blhippiechickreviews@gmail.com





I don’t think I could say what I did yesterday in a way that would sum it up better than this meme; I let the curtain fall and allowed the people to see the “woman behind the curtain”. I know this may surprise some of you, since I run a blog that deals with sexuality & kink, but today is the first time that I’ve ever publicly acknowledged this part of my life. Yep, I changed my cover picture and updated my relationship status on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t post an over the top BDSM picture. I posted a cover picture that simply acknowledged the fact that I’m a babygirl. I’m sure that most people who go to my page, or even saw the picture don’t have any idea about it’s true significance. In fact, I’m sure the majority of the people who have access to my page won’t even give it a second thought. I know I wouldn’t have even given it a second glance, four short years ago. However, my life has changed significantly since then.

I am now aware of the BDSM lifestyle, and not because I read “that” book…although, I did read it and the sequel. I haven’t been able to get through the last book in the trilogy, because there are too many other books that accurately portray BDSM. I would re-read a book in the Shadowlands series, any day of the week. I know about the BDSM lifestyle because I was reading a book & something just clicked. Suddenly, after all the years of guilt & shame I dealt with in regards to my sexuality (I was raped at knifepoint), everything finally made sense. I discovered something that enabled me to enjoy my sexuality, and of course, I received counseling for PTSD.

I was lucky, because I found a therapist who didn’t feel like it was her job to convince me that BDSM was wrong. Instead, she helped me to understand my needs in a more comprehensive way. I didn’t just figure out that I liked to be treated like I was adored, but I also began to investigate the reasons why I needed to feel that way. I’m by no means a trained psychologist (I do have a degree in Behavioral Sciences: Sociology), but I have discovered that one’s sexuality is an ever evolving state. I’m sure that in twenty years, I’ll have a better understanding & acceptance of my own sexuality than I do presently.

However, I know I took a big step last night. I acknowledged that I’m in a poly relationship, and that there is also a BDSM component to the relationship. I’m not sure what came over me, but I do know that I am extremely happy. I feel like I am in a relationship where I am loved unconditionally, and where my partners allow me to be my true self. I guess I am so happy, I wanted to be able to share those feelings with others. Of course, Facebook doesn’t have a method to acknowledge a relationship between multiple partners, which is odd since it allows you to declare yourself to be in an open relationship. Maybe it’s just me, but when I think of an open relationship I picture more than two people. My Papa helped me come up with a way to acknowledge O/our relationship….and, I’m a very happy babygirl.


His Billion Dollar Baby Lea Nolan

His Billion Dollar Baby
Lea Nolan


Blurb: Can her love melt this CEO’s heart?No-nonsense physical therapist Gwen Radley has scraped for everything she has, so she surprises even herself when she gives into the advances of a sexy ex-patient the night before he returns to Afghanistan. Then she learns she’s pregnant, just as the news arrives that her soldier has died.Grieving over his brother’s death, billionaire Carter Anderson questions Gwen’s motives when he accidentally learns about her pregnancy. In his experience, women can’t be trusted, so he doubts Gwen’s insistence she has not interest in his family empire – especially after she moves in with his mother. When her therapy expertise has them collaborating on a lucrative business project, Carter sees her in a new light. But his suspicions persist, leading them both to wonder if he will ever embrace his brother’s baby – or the love that’s blooming between them.

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Author Bio:  Lea Nolan writes books for young adults featuring bright heroines, crazy-hot heroes, diabolical plot twists, plus a dose of magic, a draft of romance, and a sprinkle of history. She also pens smart, witty contemporary stories for adults filled with head-swooning, heart-throbbing, sweep-you-off your feet romance.With a master’s degree in women’s studies and public policy, and an undergraduate degree in history, she spent twenty years as a health policy analyst and researcher, writing hundreds of fascinating reports and articles tens of people enjoyed. Today, she teaches graduate courses in health policy, law, and financing, and takes on the occasional consulting gig.Born and raised on Long Island, New York, she loves the water far too much to live inland. With her heroically supportive husband and three clever children, she resides in Maryland where she scarfs down crab cakes whenever she gets the chance.

My Review: I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It starts out with Gwen giving herself a pep-talk; she’s convincing herself that she’ll be able to go in the funeral home & slip an ultrasound picture into the casket. This story allows the reader to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be an adult who was a foster child. I know I was easily able to relate to the feelings and attitudes portrayed by Gwen. Then there’s Carter, the sexy CEO of a multi-billion dollar sportswear company. He is the Sexiest Bachelor, in the DC area, and is always photographed with a new beauty at each charity gala that he attends. Amazingly, he and Gwen have an instant connections, but they have both been affected by their pasts. A constant battle takes place as they try to accept their blossoming love, in the end it all comes down to one major issue: are each of them ready to overcome their insecurities & and work to develop the potential love, or will they end up with a life of regret?

Peppers (spiciness): 1 out of 5
Roses (romance/overall story): 3.7 out of 5

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Dispelling Myths About Sexuality & Disability part One


On the first page of The Ultimate Guide to Sex & Disability, the reader is introduced to a list of myths that exist. I’m not going to address them in the order they were written in but, in order of how they resonate with my experiences. I’m a sexual person, who just happens to have this weird neurological disease that can act up out of the blue.

MYTH TWO: image

People living with disabilities and chronic illnesses are not desirable (p2 Kaufman, Odette, & Silverberg, 2003)

Please, please, listen to me when I say that this isn’t true! I know for almost two years, I was told no one else would ever want me, because they would have to deal with the MS (Multiple Sclerosis), too. Everyday that I listened to that sentence it reinforced that ideology to me. I seriously thought NO ONE else would ever want to be in a relationship with me again. 

I believed it, because over the course of my 20 year relationship, I had gone from a cute bubbly girl, whose body could’ve inspired the writer of the song My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard, to a very pleasantly plump woman. I’ve had so many rounds of IV Solu-Medrol (Steroids), I think I lost count somewhere around fifteen times of 3x’s a day/1000mcg. While it wasn’t as bad the first or second times because I was younger & more active, I became greatly effected by the treatment with each round of Solu-Medrol.

I’m recently single, and you’ll never guess what I discovered….(in my Sally Fields voice): They like me, they really like me! Yep, there are people in this world who value the person as a whole, and not just for their physical attributes. In fact, I’ve been approached by so many people that I’ve felt overwhelmed, at times.

As I’ve gotten back into the dating scene, I’ve discovered that there are people who don’t mind if I need to use a walker, or motorized cart. They don’t care if it takes me a little longer to do things; one guy actually enjoyed assisting me. When we would walk up stairs, he would stand behind me in case my balance would become off. It turned into a game where he would feel my ass, at unexpected times.

I know, some of you are probably thinking that I just got lucky. Well, I will admit I have been really lucky. However, I’ve also been really honest. I learned early on in my days in the lifestyle , that honesty is one of the most important part of any relationship. When you’re dealing with kink, some of the activities can be effected if a person has a disability & doesn’t tell their partner(s).

As I end this piece, I want you to take with you the knowledge that my experience isn’t unique or lucky. I talked openly and honestly about the ways Multiple Sclerosis, could effect my relationships. I took a chance, and I discovered that there are a lot of people who don’t see Multiple Sclerosis, as something that lessens my appeal or desirability. When you find the right person, they won’t care that they may need to make modifications (such as knowing that when it’s a hundred degrees outside, it will take a major toll on someone with MS). They’ll know you’re worth it!


Kaufman, M., Odette, F., & Silverberg, C. (2003). The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain, and Illness. San Francisco: Cleis Press.