You said white people can’t suffer racism, but what about when someone picks on someone for being white? And don’t tell me they can’t because I’ve been jumped before at the age of 14 just because I cut in line at lunch one day. Im 22 now, but racism literally affects everyone of all colors. And if you say that one group of people are inevitable to racism that pure ignorance. Racism flows back and forth.



Damn son you shouldn’t have cut in line

White people can’t suffer from racism but being jumped for cutting in line is fucking disgusting

Racism can be experienced by people of all colors (but we’re really all the same freaking race—-human)…I would stipulate that the degree and frequency are different, though….Dude, you shouldn’t have gotten jumped. However, it may be because you were an asshat & cut in line…that’s more like karma j/s


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