People who get all worked up about white people with dreads or other “cultural appropriation” crap need to take a deep breath, drink some water, and calm down.

Cultural appropriation is an anthropological concept studied by scholars and researchers all over the world, and has real harmful consequences to the members of the cultures affected. The only person that needs to calm down with some water, and a book on the topic, is you. 

Ummm, not really…someone made a dumb ass comment to my daughter, saying she was practicing cultural appropriation with her dreads…my question is, does that mean she’s only allowed to partially have dreads since she’s multiracial? I’m pretty sure since I carried her in my womb, in a body that many only see as black that I can say whether or not I feel like she’s doing this…and since I’m the one who started her dreads, I’m okay with my daughter whose skin is quite pale (guess that’s what she gets for having a ginger dad) wearing dreads. It’s nice that people are worried about cultural appropriation, but some of them need to realize that not all people of African descent are jet black.


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