Christian does not over ride ana wanting to negotiate the contrate. They definitely work things out to their liking. And on top of that, there was 100% concent in everything they did. She read the contract and agreed to the spanking gags and ropes.


Oh, you wanna play this game? Let’s play!

  1. He sends her an email saying that her negative reaction to being spanked is “very Tess Durbeyfield” of her, saying “you agreed to the debasement, if I remember correctly.” May I just say that if I had a scene that ended in my sub or bottom feeling upset, assaulted, and confused about whether or not they enjoyed the scene, I would think that was me fucking up, not the sub’s fault for not feeling things the way I want them to feel.
  2. Ana gets the contract and what does she think? “This is no way to have a relationship.” She doesn’t like it. She’s not excited about it, she’s not falling over herself because this is the relationship she’s always wanted but never had a name for, she’s afraid.
  3. When she brings up points of contention in her email to him, he sends back the dictionary definition of “submissive” and tells her that’s how she’s supposed to act when they negotiate. For those following along at home, that’s not how you discuss a relationship equitably. It’s called “acting like you’re in a dynamic that you haven’t mutually agreed to,” and it’s a classic move of scumbags.
  4. When she tries to discuss their relationship (in the dinner scene), he treats it like a contract negotiation, which of course is helped by the fact that he just gave her an actual physical contract. Here’s the thing: in a contract negotiation, it’s an adversarial relationship. If I want to pay $2000 for this car and you want me to pay $5000, anything that ends in my favor is a loss for you and anything that gets you what you want is a loss for me. Kink is about finding things you both enjoy, and then perhaps expanding on that foundation together as you both get more comfortable, not haggling like a used car dealer over how many hours of sleep you get a night.
  5. Sure, she might be up for spanking, gags, and ropes. Except that time when he drags her to his family’s boathouse to spank her for the dire offense of not letting him finger her in front of his parents, while she’s protesting and begging him not to hit her, then gives her the option of either having sex with him or getting spanked, then moves the goalposts so it’s now “don’t come or you’ll get spanked.” That doesn’t scream “oh yes give me more spanking now” to me.


LOVE This so many times!


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