Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

All Different All Equal



My interest in the topic of disability and sexuality was peaked by some text I read by Nancy Mairs and Robert Murphy. 

The narrative The Body Silent was written by Robert Murphy who has an incurable spinal cord tumor, leading to a life in a wheelchair. Murphy gave a males perspective when addressing sexuality as a person with a disability. Some of the points that stood out were that sexual problems of the disabled are aggravated by a wide-spread view that they are either malignantly sexual, or more commonly asexual (like elderly). He made sure to state that a large majority of disabled people have the same urges, and can have normal sex lives.  However, on the other hand he said impotence often accompanies men with disabilities and it leads to “castration anxiety”. He has been effectively emasculated. Thus, standing as a man has been compromised far more than a woman’s status. 

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