Fun Filled Weekend

Let me start by saying, I had a fun filled weekend! I read three different erotic novels, which I’ll be providing reviews for this week. But, that isn’t where the fun stopped by any means. In fact, that was kinda like my foreplay.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of using the Rabbit Habit that I Won.image
I had planned to use it earlier in the week, but to be honest I was a little intimidated. It may seem hard to believe since this blog deals with topics of a completely sexual nature, but until this past year, I was extremely shy when it came to sex. I have never had the pleasure of owning a luxury toy before. So when I turned the Rabbit on and discovered that I could not only isolate which part of the vibe I could choose to power up, but that I could even make it go in reverse, I was intimidated. Yep, I’m that girl who used to walked the adult store with my partner, but was too embarrassed to really take in any of the sights. I’m not going to write up my review of the Rabbit Habit right now, because I want to test it out again before I do (of course, I’m only doing it so that you’ll have the best & most helpful information *winks*).

Before I forget, I’ve also been reading tons of book on sex.


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