Bound by Society


Wet Bliss

Source: We Heart It Source: We Heart It

Release me from the binds

Controlling communal minds

Those who insist on labeling me

As a product of promiscuity

Restricting my femininity

Smothering his masculinity

Destroying our divinity

I beg of you, please

Just let us simply –be

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3 thoughts on “Bound by Society

    1. Even though I am getting to the point that I realize my mother isn’t really a loving person, it still stings when she makes a snarky comment. Lately, I’ve just flat out told her what I do, and don’t give a damn if she likes it or not. I think she’s realizing that she’s made mistakes in the past, and is trying harder to be more accepting.


      1. It’s hard when you don’t fit in with ideal notions. I commend you for your courage. I look for to exploring the yummy delights on your blog too 🙂


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