Some words on kink-shaming

This is an interesting analysis


Over the past couple months or so I have been reading various feminist analyses of BDSM/kink and have found some incredibly interesting–often divergent–interpretations of what, to many, is a controversial practice. This has helped broaden my understanding of debates I’ve witnessed (on the internet and elsewhere) surrounding pro- vs. anti-kink. “Kink-shaming,” for my purposes, shall be defined as the act of delegitimizing/criticizing one’s unique [and usually taboo] sexual preferences, stemming from the claim that they are informed by and serve to (re)produce systems of domination.

A bit of background seems fitting here. Now, this is anything but a clear-cut, two-sided debate and I don’t intend to oversimplify; I will, however, briefly summarize what I perceive to be the dominant feminist perspectives toward BDSM/kink culture.

We have heard from so-called “anti-porn” or “radical” feminists, like Andrea Dworkin and Kathleen Barry, who claim that sex, especially in the forms of pornography and…

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