Black Hippie Chick’s Take on Chain Reaction

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Title: Chain Reaction
Series: Phenom League, Book 1
Author: T. C. Archer
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Words: 65,000
Black Hippie Chick’s Take: To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book; I was pleasantly surprised. This book discusses The Manhattan Project with a twist, what if the Nazi’s are able to discover the correct formula to produce an atomic reaction…..and, what if the man in charge of discovering who is the spy amongst their mists is a VAMPIRE. I found myself putting aside my initial hesitancy and becoming enthralled with the main character, Jordan Pierce. The former Chicago PD Detective is not only fighting to hold on to his humanity, but he’s also trying to keep America out of Hitler’s grasp. And yes dear readers, there are some super hot sex scenes in this book.

Book Description:

Former Chicago Detective Jordan Pierce…

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